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Three Things: Tyler Cohen

Three Things: Tyler Cohen

Leg Training Tips

As the sport of bodybuilding has grown and evolved, so too have the physiques. In today’s day and age, not having a striated, separated, jaw-dropping set of wheels is like stepping into the ring to trade punches with one hand tied behind your back – you might not go down right away, but you sure aren’t going to be around for very long. Luckily for twenty-two-year-old teen prodigy turned National level competitor Tyler Cohen, he’s packing two heavy-handed haymakers in the leg department that are capable of delivering knockout blows to the competition.

Tyler Cohen_NPC_2015

Here are three of Tyler’s top leg training tips to help you add size and build your set of wheels:

• When I train my legs, I like to use a lot of volume. I always superset two movements together, and I usually aim for as high as 40-50 reps between the two movements. If I’m only using one movement by itself, then I’ll start heavy and work my way down to lighter weight with drop sets.

• One thing I try to do now is avoid using the leg press if I can. I would rather use my energy towards different squat variations where I can get a deeper stretch and squeeze on my quads like front squats, back squats, hack squats, or sissy squat. If I do end up using the leg press, I superset it with another movement, but I try never to use it by itself.

• I like to squat at the end of my leg training because I feel it is the best way to tie everything together that I’ve already done before I get under the bar. Squatting takes most of my energy, so I use that as a challenge to see how far I can push after I’ve done all of my other movements.


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