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Texas Pro, Wrap Up (2015)

Texas Pro, Wrap Up (2015)


The Texas Pro neither surprised nor disappointed. Many had Steve Kuclo as the frontrunner heading into the weekend, but having the security of an Olympia qualification locked-up with a Top-5 finish, and the contest just weeks away; it seems Steve left the door open for others if they were able to ‘bring it’ to Texas, and Johnnie Jackson did just that. Though nobody was ‘shocked’ by the placings, it was still a great show, with everyone in the Top-5 being deserving of an Olympia qualification.

Texas Pro_Placings_2015_IFBB

With the Olympia rapidly approaching, it seems most were looking to secure their spot on the biggest stage in bodybuilding; however, the implications in Texas for Vegas were minimal at best, as both Johnnie Jackson and Steve Kuclo didn’t particularly standout in a relatively average Tier-4 lineup. It’s assumed Steve has gas in the tank, but structurally wasn’t able to standout next to a Johnie Jackson, who many consider to have been on the back 9 of his career for awhile now.

Steve looked great, but seemed generally ‘off’ and small indicators such as weird attempt at facial hair imply just that; he was pretty clearly ‘testing’ things out here, but no matter the experiment’s results they can’t address being undersized for the Olympia in a few weeks. Wherever Steve fell short, Jackson more than made up for it with his professionalism / presentation, only attained with the years of stage experience Johnnie brings with him.

Texas Pro_2015_ComparisonA surprisingly impressive Robert Piotrkowicz could arguably have won the contest, or been moved to the 2nd place spot. Though ultimately landing about where many would expect in the placings, he did so bringing a package rarely seen from him that sacrificed some of his trademark condition, in exchange for a type of veteran mass / fullness that particularly stood-out in this lineup. This added mass kept Piotrkowicz competitive with other big-framesd athletes Jackson / Kuclo, and large enough to keep more conditioned athletes Michael Lockett and Stefan Havlick at bay… for now

Michael Lockett_Stefan HavlikTwo of the most impressive / conditioned athletes at the show, if not the whole ’15 bodybuilding season, have been Michael Lockett and Stefan Havlick. Both have managed to place in the Top-5 of every event they entered this year, Lockett doing so as a rookie to the IFBB Professional League, and Havlick relatively new to the pro stage as well.

With a 4th place finish in Texas, Lockett was able to move-up the placings enough that he is now Olympia qualified, tied for 5th in the standings with an injured Brad Rowe, and Justin Compton who has publicly stated his intention to sit-out this years competition (for qualifications standings, click here.) Havlick is no slouch though and having just beat Michael, one has to wonder if this shift in placings was more related to qualifying Michael for the Olympia (as Havlic would still be too far back,) rather than changes in their physique.

As discussed in our preview, rookie pro Kevin Jordan was able to top Kenneth Jackson, but both landed out of the money; Kevin in the 6th spot to Ken’s 8th. Henri Pierre Ano mixed things up as well, coming in 7th with a large frame that still appears to have a ton of potential if he’s able to full it out more.

Though nobody is shocked by the results from the Texas Pro, the quality-competition still made it interesting, especially with so many athletes jockeying for position to get into the Olympia.
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