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Texas Pro, Preview + Competitor List

Texas Pro, Preview + Competitor List

-The Texas Pro-

This weekend the top brass of the IFBB will head to San Antonio, for the 2015 Texas Pro Men’s Bodybuilding event. The frontrunner is Texas native Steve Kuclo, who’s is looking to snag an Olympia qualification by either winning or doing well enough to solidify his place in the Top-5 of the Olympia qualification point series, where he is currently 4th. In similar circumstance, just two spots above Kuclo in 2nd place is Johnnie Jackson, who is expected to be part of the mix in Texas as he too seeks to secure his Olympia qualification. Though both would like to take the title in Texas, no matter the showing it’s highly probable they will achieve their goal of qualifying for the Olympia as well as collect a check.

Part of what makes sports so entertaining (bodybuilding included,) is anyone can show up on the day of competition to rattle expectations and alter the course of history; perhaps shocking the masses while others fall-short of expectations, or at minimum making an unexpected statement for themselves. There is a slight drop-off in name recognition after Steve and JOJ, but it’s not for lack of talent as many athletes could stir things up in Texas; including but not limited to Stefan Havlik, Kevin Jordan, Michael Lockett, and Robert Piotrkowicz.


Stefan Havlik, Robert Piotrkowicz

This season, every member of the aforementioned group has landed in the Top-5 of a professional event, but none have secured an Olympia spot, yet. The closest in score to achieving this is Lockett, who is currently 8th, but could quickly jump to 6th as Justin Compton (5th) is expected to sit out of the contest, and Brad Rowe’s (7th) status is up in the air due to a quad-tear earlier in the year. Having such hit or miss placings this season, Lockett will still have a challenge topping Arnold Amateur Champion, Stefan Havlik, who similar to Lockett has placed in the Top-5 of each contest he’s entered this season, even besting Michael not long ago at the Tampa Pro, where he received the 4th place to Michael’s 5th. In addition, you can’t forget the always conditioned Robert Piotrkowicz (11th;) though few would have him as a contender for the title, he’s sure to make a couple top-competitors look fat, and possibly gain more Olympia qualification points in the process.

Ken Jackson_Kevin Jordan_2015_IFBB Bodybuilding

An interesting comparison at this show will be Kenneth Jackson and Kevin Jordan. Ken quietly snuck into the IFBB winning his heavyweight-class at the 2011 North Americans. Juan Morel was the highlight of that show, but looking at the heavyweight-lineup in retrospect Ken’s win becomes quite formidable; including two future IFBB Pros, Brad Rowe and Akeim Williams, who both notably placed outside the Top-10. Ken has yet to break the Top-5 at an IFBB Professional bodybuilding event, but it would seem he has all the tools to eventually reach some degree of success in the pro-ranks, and his trajectory of placings reflects this. Kevin Jordan on the other hand, was able to place 4th at his professional debut in Chicago. However, shortly thereafter (and following some drama at the Canadian border) fell to the 8th place spot in California at the Golden State Pro, behind 6th place finisher,Kenneth Jackson. While their battle doesn’t have Olympia implications, it does in the general standings of the IFBB, and as a measuring-stick to these athlete’s rate of growth as professionals.

All in all, the Texas Pro has the makings of an entertaining show; and in such a large state, it’s only appropriate it serves as a stage to some of the biggest athletes in the IFBB.

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