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Shaun Clarida Enters 212 Olympia Showdown!

Shaun Clarida Enters 212 Olympia Showdown!

After winning the Vancouver 212 Class, IFBB professional bodybuilder Shaun Clarida has officially announced he will be entering the 212 Showdown, at the 2015 Olympia! Just a year prior in his rookie season as a pro, Clarida finished a relatively disappointing 12th place at the same contest; but with a vengeance he came back, earning both the Win, as well as qualification for the 212 Showdown at the 2015 Olympia. As seen in the pictures and statements, Shaun has signed the contract and looking to make his mark at the competition amongst some of the best of our sport.

Ifbb Pro Shaun Clarida_212_Olympia_Showdown_2015

After making it official, Clarida posted the following statement:

“Last week I sealed the deal and signed my first Mr. Olympia contract to compete at the elusive Super Bowl of Bodybuilding, where many great champions have once competed on.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed and a bit unsure about competing not knowing if I was indeed good enough or ready for that. However, I thought back to 9 years ago when I made the commitment to myself that I’d never go to the Mr. Olympia contest to watch or even visit the expo. In fact, I’ve never even been to Las Vegas. Reason being, I told myself the only way I’d be there is if I earned my way and would be competing on that stage.

Along this journey, I’ve had many great supporters. However I’ve had many roadblocks as well. I’ve missed out on events, birthday celebrations, family functions and lost many of my “friends” who didn’t support my decision to live this lifestyle. But I honestly don’t regret any of it because as my girlfriend stated to me, “You’re living out your dream, not many people can say that.”

So I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish, the hard work I put forth and the mental/physical discipline in which I was able to withstand for many years. The reason I will be competing at this years Mr. Olympia is because I earned it!” – Shaun Clarida’s Facebook Athlete Page

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Shaun Clarida_212_Olympia_Showdown

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