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SERGE NUBRET – 1975 Olympia Controversy

SERGE NUBRET – 1975 Olympia Controversy

Serge Nubret’s first IFBB competition was in 1960, but his physique created opportunities in the international film industry, landing him many roles in movies. It was his acting career that would be central to both of Nubret’s controversies at the 75 Olympia, however.

Allegations of participation in a porno and disagreements about payment due to his previous work experience would limit Nubret’s role in the film Pumping Iron, and almost prevented him from competing entirely. When asked why he wasn’t a staple of the movie film, Pumping Iron, Nubret stated during an interview on pro bodybuilding weekly, that it was a financial disagreement that led to his role being limited

If that weren’t enough, Nubret was nearly banned from competing at the Olympia entirely, after being accused of being part of a pornographic film, an accusation he firmly stood against. Nubret claimed this impacted his weight and performance at the event, which as many know, he would lose to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The events of 1975 left such a bitter taste in Nubret’s mouth, instead of competing again for the title in 1976, he left and started a new organization, the World Amateur BodyBuilding Association aka WABBA.

Because of his political connections, Franco Columbu was the likely favorite for the 76 Olympia, however, had Nubret competed, he could have possibly won, and would probably have at minimum won his weight class, which instead went to a much less gifted Ken Waller

None the less, his passion for the sport never waned, as he continued to compete and host competitions in his later years, maintaining a very impressive physique, training vigorously up until his death on April 19, 2011, in Paris

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