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Sage Northcutt: NPC Competitor signs with the UFC

Sage Northcutt: NPC Competitor signs with the UFC

At just 19 years old, former National Physique Committee athlete Sage Northcutt recently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  


The fighting teen phenom is a Texas-native, where he competed in 2013 entering a string of shows in the teen class of the Men’s Physique Division. He won his class that year at the NPC Texas State, NPC Europa Super Show, and NPC Branch Warren Classic. Though he never entered the national level or the open, his potential seems pretty obvious had he chosen to put his focus into physique competition, not to mention, he clearly got ‘the look’ (lucky bastard put’s Jay Leno’s chin to shame.)

Sage Northcutt

There’s a lot more females and money (not always a ton) in the UFC however, and this is where Sage now seems set on his path to success after amassing a record with only one loss, in his 1st amateur fight (due largely to referee early stoppage.)

This is exactly the type of marketing the sport as well as competitive industry need, and the exact type of athlete it’s looking to draw. It demonstrates exactly why the Men’s Physique Division has been so successful to this point, and created to begin with; by rewarding truly athletic (at least looking) physiques, that relate / draw a bigger pool of participants and audience members, ranging from NFL players, now to UFC fighters.

Sage Northcutt_2013_NPC Texas State

Look for Sage to make his debut at UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson, October 3, 2015  in Houston, Texas.

Clearly, Dana White is not a fan of the Men’s Physique Division however…

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