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IFBB Golden State / Sacramento Pro, Wrap Up

IFBB Golden State / Sacramento Pro, Wrap Up

The 2015 Golden State Pro

did NOT disappoint! A show ripe with opportunity for any professional bodybuilder able to bring their best; ultimately the chips landed where many predicted, though some would argue controversially so. A look at the Top-5:






As most would expect based on name and contest resume alone, Cedric McMillan left Sacramento with another win under his belt as an IFBB professional. He was able to secure his victory, but unlike many previous outings this was not a clear cut win for Cedric, which had become tradition at this tier of contest for him. McMillan would be pushed (and many arguing passed) by second place finisher, Manuel Romero.

MANUEL ROMERO_Cedric McMillan_2015_Golden State

Manuel brought what most would agree was his best look to date to Sacramento. While many were aware of Romero leading up to the show, few if any had him in serious contention against Cedric for a top-spot prior to this weekend’s events. Manuel brought a combination of size, shape, and condition that by the conclusion of the weekend had many arguing it was him, not McMillan who should have taken home the Olympia qualification. Though Manuel has always been impressive, even more impressive are the gains he’s attained during his tenure as an IFBB professional that culminated in Tampa, where he was able to hold his own next to McMillan, who many consider one of the best athletes in bodybuilding.

Cedric McMillan_2015_Golden State_SacramentoCedric McMillan was impressive as always but this was debatably his weakest showing in recent history. Even on an off-day, Cedric was capable of deservedly beating a majority of IFBB professionals and take the win at the IFBB Golden State, but the contest is the hardest he’s been pushed at a show of this tier since his rookie debut in 2010. This weekend raised some serious questions in spectator’s eyes, and many of them will be answered at the Olympia which draws closer with each passing weekend. One of these questions, was this just an off day for Cedric McMillan, or sign of things to come for the talented, yet aging athlete?

Cedric McMillan_2015_Golden State_IFBB

After placing Top-5 in 3/3 contests this season, it’s time for American audiences to take note of Stefan Havlik, who is quietly building an impressive resume for himself, and could be on the verge of bigger things in the next few years. Notable placings outside the Top-5 were from the 2013 Nationals Heavyweight Class, as both Brad Rowe and Kevin Jordan, who came condition but went largely overlooked in a quality-lineup landed out of the money.

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