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Real Bodybuilding, EP 14: Ashley Kaltwasser, Bikini Olympia

Real Bodybuilding, EP 14: Ashley Kaltwasser, Bikini Olympia

Ms Bikini Olympia and International
IFBB Pro Ashley Kaltwasser!

Our guest this week on the Real Bodybuilding show is 2x Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser! Ashley gives update us on her plans leading into this years Olympia, where she’s won the prestigious title of Bikini Olympia multiple times, and is looking to do so again this weekend in Las Vegas.

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Ashley Kaltwasser_Bikini Olypia_2015_Interview

2x Ms. Bikini Olympia🏆, 12x IFBB Pro Champ, Cover Model & FMG Athlete, GASPARI Nutrition, MuscleEgg, FitnessRX for Women Mag contributor

Arnold Classic Australia- 2nd Place
Arnold Classic Bikini International- 1st


Power Pro Bikini (Moscow, Russia) -1st Place
Korea Grand Prix- 1st Place
Ms. Bikini Olympia- 1st Place
Oxygen Magazine July 2014 COVER
Toronto Pro Show 1st Place
New York Pro Show 2nd
Ms. Bikini International (Arnold Classic)- 1st Place
Australian Grand Prix- 1st place
New Zealand Pro Show- 1st Place



*Cover of FitnessRX for Women December Issue
Sheru Classic (India)- 1st
Toronto Pro Show Bikini-1st
IFBB New York Pro Bikini-2nd
Detriot Pro Powerhouse IFBB bikini- 1st
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini- 2nd
IFBB Orlando Europa- 2nd
IFBB Arnold Bikini International- 10th Place


IFBB Team Universe Championships 1st Class D, Overall Bikini Champion*
* Earned IFBB Bikini Pro Status
Arnold Amateur 1st Class D and Overall
Rockstar Bikini Contest Winner


Elite Physique 1st, Class B, and Overall
Natural Northern USA 1st, Class C, and Overall

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