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Post Show Blues… The Real / Not So Real life of Fitness

Post Show Blues… The Real / Not So Real life of Fitness

Be aware of what reality looks like and embrace the true nature of the fitness world… I’ve seen it over and over and the there is a lot you can do to improve it, it’s called ‘the post show blues‘ it happens to everyone in one way or another, sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a few weeks (some people never come out of it)

You spend 12 weeks of grinding, aches and pains, dieting, fasting cardio, posing practice, no social life, no family life, no party, no drinking, then the weekend of the show… Friday: anticipation and excitement. Saturday a dream come true! Tanning, Hair, makeup, suit on point, the show, the award ceremony, photos, celebration, flowers, dinner ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET, Facebook, Instagram….

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Congratulations! Pictures! Pictures and more pictures… Sunday! Breakfast ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! More Facebook more Instagram more likes more comments love love and more love…Lunch and Dinner ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET… More Facebook more Instagram more likes more comments more love… Monday… Back to reality and back to work… Monday… The realization that you worked so hard for a predetermined 72 hours of ecstasy for the completion of a goal that you can no longer see

The Post Show Blues Syndrome

The post show blues syndrome usually causes symptoms that are detectable and impact our daily activities. Often, we are less interested in doing things we previously enjoyed; unusual irritability, reduced motivation in work, home or social activities are common however we continue to function – just perhaps, not as well as we normally would do when at full-health. Post show blues syndrome is a true form of mild-depression and often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms are not considered to be ‘bad enough’ for people to think they may have depression, or to discuss it with their doctors as well as other people. Accurately diagnosing depression when it is mild and treating it effectively at this stage, can prevent the condition from worsening to become moderate to severe.

Remember: Your coach is not a doctor, and should not be the person who will provide a ‘diagnosis.’ However, the coach/trainer is usually a person who can identify your personality changes, and how you are approaching your fitness goals. There are many treatment options available for mild-depression, and lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, relaxation, ensuring sufficient and regular sleep are can often be beneficial. It is important that you schedule a routine physical examination with your doctor immediately after each show if possible.

Things You Can Do To Avoid It:

#1 educate yourself

Seek information from your coach, trainer or any reliable source to improve your understanding of nutrition and exercise.

#2 post show diet strategy

Request from your coach or nutritionist a post show diet that will allow you to enjoy the foods that are not generally considered ‘part of you diet’ or ‘cheat meals’ with perhaps more frequency than when you were on your contest prep program

#3 post show exercise program

Initiate immediately after your show,  adding diversity to your workout options such as running, swimming or playing a sport

#4 schedule therapeutic activities

Immediately after your show schedule a 90 minute deep tissue massage to get rid of the unnecessary stress / cumulative strain of the contest prep. Therapeutic activities such as Epsom salt baths, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and other spa treatments are also very beneficial to your overall well-being

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#5 schedule a lifestyle photo-shoot

Very often the memories become just that so you want to make an investment to not only have pictures when you are at your best but also for personal and professional benefits as you continue to grow in the fitness industry, creating a evidence of the hard work you put forth to prepare for your fitness competition. (How to Prepare with Your Photographer Pre-Shoot)

#6 get involved with you community

Although many people would not posses the knowledge, education or skill to be able to train other individuals and or speak in public, you do posses the experience to get your friends, family, and coworkers involved in the fitness community. Not only invite them to come to see you the day of your show, bring them to your fitness club to meet your coach or trainer, have them join your gym / sports organization, this involvement of your community will help you stay motivated as you will not feel alone in the persuit of your own personal fitness goals

#7 nutritional cleanse

It’s a common practice in our sport to do a nutritional ‘cleanse’ to boost your internal functions; cleanse your body from unwelcome chemicals and boost your natural immune response, improve the functions of your liver, kidneys and clean out your GI. Track. The results of any exercise and nutritional programs will be improved by a better internal health.

Final Words: The ‘post show blues‘ is a real thing; however, it doesn’t make our sport any less amazing! It allows us to transform ourselves through determination and sacrifice, testing our will as well as character… With the dangers of a let down if your focus is on the destination, when the real beauty is in the journey and not just trophies / victories, but the opportunity to grow and influence our society with our success. At the end of the day these experiences are nothing but a test; one that will prepare you for your future in every manifestation of your existence.

– By Ivan Almonte

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