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Post Olympia Stock Report

Post Olympia Stock Report

Another wild Olympia weekend is in the books, as always this year’s event made for some very interesting entertainment, both on and off of the stage. Now that post show dust, blood sugar, and blood alcohol levels have settled, it’s time to sort through the confetti and make some sense out of everything we just saw.


Up_Green ArrowDexter Jackson – At forty-six years young, The Blade appears to be beating back father time with a giant whoopin’ stick, continuing to add to his Hall-of-Fame resume. Phil Heath may have walked out of Las Vegas with the title, but the big winner this weekend was Dexter Jackson. Dexter may have been the most conditioned athlete in the entire show, and you could make a very strong case that he deserved to be leaving the Orleans Arena with his second Sandow Trophy in hand. Until he officially announces his retirement, we should go ahead and pencil his name somewhere in the top five of every Arnold and Olympia moving forward.

Roelly Winklar – To quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.” And when you have the sort of genetic super powers that Roelly Winklar possesses people, right or wrong, have a tendency to expect great things. After years of maddening inconsistency, Roelly has been on quite the run since the curtain drew on the 2014 Olympia. Dating back to last year’s show, Roelly has placed top seven or higher in seven consecutive shows, including putting on a solid performance at this year’s contest. If Roelly really has finally turned the corner, and come to the realization that for him bigger is not better, everybody else better watch out, because this guy is going to be dangerous.

William Bonac – For years William Bonac has been one of the more underrated athletes in the sport. Except for a few miscellaneous pictures and spotty guest posing appearances, Bonac went into full on B-52 Bomber mode and flew completely under the radar this year, but he won’t have to worry about that next season. Since teaming up with Neil Hill, his physique has taken a quantum leap forward, culminating in an 8th place finish last weekend. This year Bonac took the entire season off to prepare for the Olympia – a gamble that paid off in his favor – but it wouldn’t hurt to see him mix it up here and there at some of the other big events next season; which he need to do anyway in order to qualify for the event in the future.


Down_Red Arrow

Steve Kuclo – I don’t care what way you try to spin it, this year’s contest was a major failure for Steve Kuclo. Following his 9th place finish in 2014, it looked like Kuclo had finally taken the leap up into the top tier of athletes that we’d all be patiently waiting for. Fast forward to a less than spectacular showing at the Texas Pro a few weeks ago – a show in his home state which he had the entire season to prepare for – coupled with an underwhelming Olympia performance, and it becomes fair for us to start openly wondering whether or not his recent nuptials to Amanda Latona have made it especially difficult to drag himself away from the bed and into the gym for a little fasted cardio.

Jon Delarosa – I wrote about Delarosa extensively headed into both the Chicago and Toronto Pro Show’s earlier this season – accurately predicting both outcomes if I might add –  and his clumsy stumble down the Olympia placings was entire predictable. Yes, Delarosa did put together the best package of his career for the Chicago Pro, but just as we’ve seen from him routinely over the years, he has a tendency to fade as the season progresses on. While I don’t think many would argue Delarosa’s talent, which at his best probably places him somewhere at the back end of the top ten on the Olympia stage, I also don’t think anyone else would argue that Delarosa has been a bit of a disappointment based on the Victor Martinez 2.0 tag that he was stuck with early on in his career.

Brandon Curry – On one hand this year’s placing seems like a colossal failure for an athlete of Brandon Curry’s ability.; yet somehow, it also isn’t all that surprising. This year’s Olympia was just another bad performance, in a career that has a dubiously long list of similar showings. Curry has officially entered Lionel Beyeke territory – a land dominated by genetically superior athletes who have squandered countless opportunities to cash in on their greatness. I think it’s time that we, and by we I mean me, stop looking at Curry as a serious contender to win any real show ever and start seeing him for what he really is – the girl who keeps standing you up on dates that you refuse to stop making excuses for.

The Wrap Up

Trying to predict which way the market is going to swing on any given day is next to impossible; that’s why experts don’t waste their time trying to predict what might be the next thing to go boom, or bust. Instead, they use nuanced knowledge to invest wisely as they try to spot trends that might indicate which way the money is moving. Bodybuilding is very similar. There are too many wild fluctuations to make long term predictions with any real accuracy. What we try to do instead is spot trends. Check out which way we believe an athlete is heading, and hope that six months from now we won’t look completely inept when we’re proven to be more off the mark than Brandon Curry.

Measured randomness is part of the fun that is bodybuilding; it seems to make perfect sense in a sport where unpredictability is the only thing that’s predictable.

By Corey Young

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