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Photo Shoot Ready 24/7 (MPD)

Photo Shoot Ready 24/7 (MPD)

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram account and see countless numbers of Men’s Physique competitors who stay shredded year round? Do you ever ask yourself how do these guys stay so lean all the time? Well, I’m here to lay out the hard truth to many of you looking for an answer to this question. There are three main factors that come into play if you want to have a near contest-ready physique year round. Those things are meticulous dieting, high-intensity training, and enough cardio to keep you respectably lean in the offseason.

Sure I know you have heard this time and time again ‘to stay lean your diet has to be on point.’ Well, it’s the truth. The guys that you see on your Instagram that wake up with the chiseled abdominals every day are dieting pretty hard all year. Do they have cheat meals? Sure. Everyone has a cheat meal here and there, but most of them don’t go crazy. Many of the athlete’s that you see in this kind of shape have years of training under their belt and have built their muscularity to the size they want to maintain. From there they have mastered the diet to keep their body fat low year round, within weeks of doing a photo-shoot or dieting down for a competition.

The second part of this trio to staying shredded year round is high-intensity training. First let’s discuss what high-intensity training is; a high-intensity type of training that is an enhanced form of interval training, alternating short periods of intense exercises with less-intense recovery periods. So what is the point in training with this style? Maximum fat burning! Training with maximum intensity and implementing shorter rests will keep your heart rate higher during the workout that will help maximize fat burning. The key here is to burn as much fat as possible while you’re training.

Finally implementing cardio year round is always a great idea. Not only is cardio good for general heart health but this will also aid in keeping your body fat levels in check. Fasted cardio is always a good idea in these situations because its low intensity preserves muscle tissue, as this is the time where your insulin levels are lowest in the body and begin to tap into fat stores for energy.

All in all, to stay shredded year round is no easy task. You have to be dedicated and willing to do the necessary things to keep your body looking how you desire. Some people have great genetics to stay lean with relative ease; others have to work harder to maintain that same look. As challenging as dieting, high-intensity training, and cardio can be, they are all things that most everyone with this type of physique is utilizing to maintain their physique at the highest level. Do you want to be shredded year round? Implement these tools right here and you will be on your way.


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My name is Merton Woolard. Follow me on my journey to obtain my IFBB Pro Card through all my social media outlets.

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