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NPC Teen Nationals

NPC Teen Nationals

Over the last few decades in bodybuilding we’ve witnessed the NPC Teen Nationals become a launching point for some of the sport’s future stars. Names such as Shawn Ray, Branch Warren, Jason Huh have all graced the stage, and then carve legacies beyond it – not to mention three time winner Cody Montgomery; who just made history (again) at his highly anticipated National level debut, at the USA Championships where he would take the title of Champion.

At the 2015 NPC Teen Nationals, nineteen year old prodigy, Mohammed Aburajouh became the latest athlete to add his name to the record-books when he brought home both the Heavyweight and Overall titles in dominating fashion. After narrowly losing to aforementioned Montgomery, Aburajouh spent his offseason undergoing some major construction, and the result was a bigger, sharper, completely dominant physique that stood head and shoulders above his fellow competitors.

Mohammad Aburajouh_NPC Teen Nationals_2015Aburajouh already displays a level of stage presence and muscle maturity that are well beyond his years, but stepping up to the next level, where he’ll face a barrage of hungry competitors who are all willing to scratch, claw, and fight their way to the top no matter what the cost, will certainly be his toughest task yet.

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