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Recently, the National Physique Committee continued its expansion, announcing 2016 would be the first year the organization will hold sanctioned events in the U.S. territory, Puerto Rico. This addition is thanks in large part to the efforts of the NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance, headed by Wings Of Strength promoter Tim Gardner. Since the announcement, we’ve already seen support pour in from some of the sport’s biggest stars, including Shawn Rhoden and former 8x Ms. Fitness Olympia Adela Garcia; both of whom have announced they’ll be holding signature shows on the island next season.

While Puerto Rico may not be the first thing that comes to most’s head when they think of the NPC, some of the best American athletes as of late have emerged from there; such as 2014 NPC Nationals Winner Alexis Rivera-Rolon, and Men’s Physique IFBB Pro, Lorenzo Orozco. With the territory’s growing talent pool and the addition of shows such as the first annual Puerto Rico Pro in 2015, the move seemed inevitable; egged on by a new era of internet-bodybuilding, no longer restricted by the artificial boundaries of nations.

Alexis Rivera-Rolon_Puerto Rico

However, the move doesn’t come without controversy; as there’s already an established series of shows in Puerto Rico, endorsed by the IFBB International, rather than the (American Based) IFBB Pro League. This amateur branch of the IFBB International in Puerto Rico is the Federacion de Fisicocultura de Puerto Rico (FFPR) which addressed the topic with the following post on their Facebook:

Federacion de Fisicocultura de Puerto Rico

As the sport and industry around it grow, there’s bound to be some of the typical pains associated with development. However, the athlete’s will be the real winners from the NPC’s expansion into Puerto Rico as it will present competition to the current organization, and make both improve their quality of service, one of the benefits of the free market. We will have updates here at Bodybuilding.News on the expansion shortly, as we’re currently talking to some of the players in the industry involved with the move and gathering their insights, so keep a lookout for Part II coming soon…


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