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Bodybuilding’s Biggest Gift, The 2007 Olympia

Bodybuilding’s Biggest Gift, The 2007 Olympia

On this eve of Christmas, as many sit around the house waiting to open gifts from friends and loved ones, it only seems appropriate to look back at one of the BIGGEST given in the history of bodybuilding, the 2007 Mr. Olympia Contest. The show, expectedly won by then reigning Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler but not without controversy as that year’s Arnold Classic champion Victor Martinez would bring what many felt was his best physique to date. Jay received a gift that year but also got exposed as an athlete, leaving opportunity for Dexter Jackson to swoop in and snag the title in 2008. Martinez was never able to avenge this loss, however, to many he will always be the reason Jay Cutler’s 2nd win comes with an asterisk in their mind.

Following his first Olympia win in 2006 where he’d finally topple the Goliath that is Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler had already handily beat Martinez in the past and was expected by most to emerge once again with another Olympia title. Nonetheless, leading up to the event many had Victor nipping at his heels, having placed behind only Jay and Ronnie in ‘06, coming off of a huge win earlier in 2007 the Arnold Classic. Victor’s trajectory so bright at the time, even Ronnie Coleman had declared the Dominican heir apparent to his title.

Jay Cutler_Victor Martinez_2007 Olympia

As soon as the duo would hit the 2007 Olympia stage together, most commentators become aware of the glaring gap of talent that between the two that year. Victor brought his trademark V-Taper/Aesthetic, Jay a level of mass we’d never seen prior; however for Jay, this look would not come without cost, as it would contribute to his already ‘blocky’ waistline. Often with time, the narrative of events can change, but thanks to the power of the internet, we can see what people were saying about the events around the time they happened.’s David Robson had the following to say after the event in 2007;

Of Jay Cutler: “…it was not his night peak-wise but nevertheless he still walked away with his second Olympia crown. A problem area for Jay appeared to be his front double biceps shot, which highlighted his blocky waist and showed a lack of biceps separation compared to both the eventual number two and three men, Victor Martinez and Dexter Jackson.”Jay Cutler 2007 Olympia

Of Victor Martinez: “…should have been crowned the 2007 Mr. Olympia, no question. Aesthetics, size, condition, and stage presence: he had it all. From all angles, Victor dominated the competition from an individual body part perspective. He lacked nothing whereas most of the other competitors had some kind of flaw, however small.”

Victor Martinez 2007 Olympia

As close as the contest was, however, Jay seemingly didn’t learn his lesson at the time; leaving the door open for Dexter Jackson to take the title in 2008. The contest also marks what looks to be the peak of Victor Martinez’s career. The next year, Victor would lose to Kai Greene at the Arnold Classic and again lose to Kai alongside Phil Heath at the Olympia. Should have, would have, could have. The 2007 Olympia remains a topic of debate to this day; while Victor Martinez may get some credit for his appearance at the contest from hardcore fans of bodybuilding, it will still go down in the history books as Jay Cutler’s title.


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