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MPD: Don’t ‘Short’ Yourself

MPD: Don’t ‘Short’ Yourself

A guide to choosing shorts for your physique competition

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. That moment when they start the Men’s Physique pre judging and that one competitor walks out with a ridiculously designed set of board shorts. You know what I’m talking about. The board shorts that are louder than the head judge when he says ‘gentleman turn to the back’. Then there is what I call the ‘inspired’ competitor. The one who loves his favorite ‘IFBB Pro’ and follows everything he does religiously from stalking his Instagram to wearing the exact same board shorts that the pro competitor wore and was photographed in a million times, to his own amateur show. It happens at every show across the globe and the trend does not seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon.

Let’s talk about choosing your board shorts for your competition. There are many things to be taken into consideration when choosing your shorts, one of the first being the design. The design of your shorts is very important. This says a lot about who you are and your sense of style which in turn is shown through your stage presence, whether you realize it or not. Standing in a physique lineup is not easy. Many competitors display a similar look when standing in a lineup. Every guy has a slick haircut with a nice smile, and for the most part a good looking physique. That’s a given in this division, which is why competitors seek to stand out. However, attempting to stand out sometimes leads people to extremes in their choice of shorts.

Mens Physique Division_Board Shorts

Time and time again I see guys walk out with what I call ‘clown shorts‘. These are the shorts with the wild designs. Rockets shooting fireworks, rainforest pictures, space galaxy designs, you name it I’ve seen it. These are not and I repeat not what you want to be seen on stage wearing. As a competitor basic color designs are your friend and I’ll tell you why. 

Judges like basic color designs. When a competitor comes out in a one color or two color design this is perfeMens Physique_Board Shorts_guidect for the judges to be able to assess the physique. Shorts with extremely bold designs such as the ones I stated in the previous paragraph, draw your eyes away from the physique and more towards the shorts which is not what you want. As a competitor you want the judges looking at all the months of hard work you put into your physique not the shorts that took you 20 minutes to purchase at Pacific Sun. When choosing a basic color design do some research of what color has been popular at the previous shows before you. This can easily be done by either attending shows, which you should already be doing as a competitor who wants to be actively involved in the sport. Pictures are also easily accessible online of previous competitions. Normally you will notice a trend with this. Four or Five of the competitors in each line up will all be wearing the same color. I notice this with baby blue. Competitors love wearing baby blue shorts to the point where you would think it was a requirement for the division itself. Steer clear of these color shorts as well if you want to stand out.

All in all the best advice I can give any competitor who is getting ready for a physique competition is do your research and get a pair of shorts with colors that help your physique and are different than what the norm is for other competitors. Instead of going to your local mall and buying your shorts where most other competitors will go to get theirs. Shop Online! There are lots of good board shorts companies, with exclusive designs that are basic in color designs that you won’t see other competitors wearing at your show. Companies like Imperial Motion and BroActiveWear are setting new trends with the designs of the board shorts and designing their shorts based on the feedback they are getting from the IFBB professional league judges on what they like to see. So next time you get ready to buy your board shorts for your competition think about standing out without standing out.

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My name is Merton Woolard. Follow me on my journey to obtain my IFBB Pro Card through all my social media outlets.

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