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Men’s Physique Showdown Review (Olympia Wrap Up)

Men’s Physique Showdown Review (Olympia Wrap Up)

MPD Olympia 2015

The long awaited Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown has now come and gone. Evogen sponsored athlete Jeremy Buendia retained the crown as physique champion, becoming the first ever back-to-back winner in the division. This contest puts the best physiques in the world on display; and brought us 36 of the best Men’s Physique athletes from the world, to the grandest stage of them all to battle it out for the ultimate-prize.

Heading into the competition, much of the spotlight was on the ever popular GAT Nutrition sponsored athlete, Sadik Hadzovik; who placed a controversial second at last year’s event. Pictures, videos, and interviews showed us a very a confident / humble Sadik, with a vastly improved physique as the competition-date approached. Another favorite whose name rapidly popped-up around social media and bodybuilding media outlets, was Jason Poston. Taking a much needed rest after placing second at the inaugural Arnold Classic 2015, Jason Poston released pictures and videos on social media showing a bigger, fuller, physique with more of a streamlined waist. This would prove to have him in the top-3, again, battling it out with the two favorites Jeremy and Sadik.

Jeremy Buendia_Sadik Hadzovik_Olympia_Physique_2015

As the show started, one could not help but think of the competitive-nature of the individuals involved in this contest. There were many new faces in the division that walked the stage showing incredible physiques, with lots of potential. But on this day, the spotlight was on Jason Poston, Sadik Hadzovik, and Jeremy Buendia. As Jason Poston emerged on the stage sporting a pair of well-designed half teal, half peach board shorts and his look was spot on. Poston was full and round. His waist was noticeably smaller and much more streamlined, however he was not as dry as I have seen him in previous shows.  Jason Poston_2015_Olympia_Showdown_Physique

Next, the long awaited arrival of Sadik Hadzovik had come. Sadik walked out with confidence wearing a three color design of board shorts, strutting to the front of the stage with an amazing posing routine designed by Kenny Wallach. Sadik had certainly brought his best look ever to the stage. In 2014 Hadzovik weighed in at 191 pounds but was even lighter this year, showing that he is no stranger to the conditioning side of the sport (if that was ever a doubt!) There is not much you can find wrong with his physique at this contest. Sadik was hard, dry, full, and round basically nailing every aspect of what bodybuilding is all about.

Sadik Hadzovik_Olympia_Showdown_Physique_2015

Finally, the arrival of reigning Men’s Physique champion, Jeremy Buendia. Buendia had not been talked about much in the media circuit leading up to this contest even though he is the champion of the division. Jeremy would hit the stage in a pair of LVFT board shorts, with a charcoal and orange color scheme. It was very apparent when Buendia walked out that he came to win the contest. Buendia showed that he had added some size to his deltoids, upper chest, and with shredded conditioning and hard granite muscle. He would ultimately be re-crowned the Men’s Physique Olympia champion for the second year in a row.

Jeremy Buendia_2015_Olympia_Showdown_Physique_MPD

All in all the contest was very exciting. We got to see the top guys in the world battle it out on the biggest stage of them all. Newcomer Ryan Terry and physique athlete Brandon Hendrickson both certainly had a breakthrough year this year, and with the new division amongst us, I see both of these guys moving up in spots at the Olympia being that some of the Men’s Physique athletes are already talking about switching to the new Classic Physique division. Though I did not mention all of the competitors in this article, I want to point out that all 36 brought conditioning and presented great physiques. I do however think the Olympia contest should limit the number of individuals allowed to be in this contest; 36 athletes is just too much, and it is hard to give everyone a fair shake when there are that many individuals competing for one title. So now the question remains will Sadik Hadzovik and Jason Poston switch over to the Classic Physique division, or will they compete again for the Men’s Physique Olympia title? Only time will tell. The Olympia extravaganza was one for the ages, but until next year, this is Merton Woolard signing off.

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