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Men’s Physique Olympia Showdown Preview

Men’s Physique Olympia Showdown Preview

MPD Showdown Preview

The Men’s Physique Olympia showdown is right around the corner. At this contest, the best physiques in the world will be on display for a chance to be called Mr. Men’s Physique Olympia Champion, and be crowned the best physique in the world for at least 365 days. Last year Jeremey Buendia established his name by winning the elusive title, becoming the second ever Physique Olympia champion. Now with the 2015 contest just weeks away, it’s safe to say that everyone is bringing their best packages for a chance at the crown. This article will outline who I believe will round off the top 5 (in no particular order) at the prestigious event based on competition placing’s this year and updates I have seen from each of these respectable competitors.

  • Jeremy Buendia – After suffering a shoulder injury post Olympia 2014 Jeremy looks to be bringing an even crazier package than he brought last year. Jeremy’s update pictures showcase him with a leaner and even fuller physique than he had at last year’s contest. Working with Hany Rambod has sure done the trick for Jeremy and I believe with the small waist and added size he attained during the offseason Buendia may be looking at being the first ever two time Men’s Physique Olympia Champion after this contest.

Jeremy Buendia_2015_Olympia

  • Sadik Hadzovik – Being crowned the first ever Men’s Physique Arnold Classic Champion surely shows that Sadik has one of the top physiques in the world. After a very close battle with Jeremy Buendia at the Olympia I’m sure this year Sadik will be looking for revenge as he attempts to take the title from Buendia at the 2015 Olympia Showdown. There is no doubt that Sadik will come in conditioned as he always does but it will be up to the judges to decide who has the best physique in this line up. Either way Sadik is certainly rounding off the top 5 no matter what.

Sadik Hadzovik_2015_Olympia

  • Jason Poston – Looks to have the most improved physique of anyone I have seen that competed in the 2014 Olympia Showdown. Jason looks to have added more size and brought down the size of his waist as well. If his new pictures are any indication to what he will look like on stage in just a few weeks. It’s going to be serious. Poston is certainly a contender for the Olympia title as long as everything is dialed in perfect he is another one that is hard to beat in any line up.

Jason Poston_2015_Olympia

  • James Hurst – Better known as @ObeyTheBolt has made a huge splash this year in the IFBB. He has won a few shows and has been looked at in a very favorable light as a style of physique that the judges like. This has him being rewarded with taking a trip to the 2015 Olympia Showdown. With Steve Cook dropping out of the Olympia I think this gives James a great shot at sneaking into the top 5 at the big dance.

James Hurst_olympia_2015

  • Jorge Gonzalez – After winning his pro card this year at Jr. Nationals Jo Jo wasted no time jumping into the pro ranks and is now going from winning his pro card, to winning a pro show, and heading to the Olympia all in one year. What an accomplishment. I think with Jo Jo’s tapered physique and flawless condition we will see him become an automatic threat this year and place in the top 5 at the biggest show of them all, Olympia 2015.

Jorge Gonzalez_Olympia_2015

My name is Merton Woolard. Follow me on my journey to obtain my IFBB Pro Card through all my social media outlets.

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