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Life Management & Stability for the Chemically Enhanced

Life Management & Stability for the Chemically Enhanced

As defined by Merriam-Webster, ‘Stability – the quality, state, or degree of being stable, the strength to stand or endure’

The process of bodybuilding requires environmental stability, as well as a hyper-abundance of resources to maintain it. You must recognize this stability’s value, what holds it, and why; both on as well as off the stage. When a true understanding of value has been developed, then the actions required for success must be taken, which are enabled by this stability, and manifests in success.

Business First – Yes, you’re in shape, so make cash with this limited opportunity / window of your life. Bodybuilding can quickly become a very expensive sport; welfare recipients rarely make the top ranks at Nationals, as finances are one of the facets of life necessary to produce the stable environment required to optimize growth. Even if you do ‘make it’ as a bodybuilder, there’s only so long you can compete, so learn to monetize.

‘Roid Rage’ – In the classic sense many have been taught to think of it, does not truly exist. However, steroid supplementation can impact mood, both positively and negatively. Most of the negative characteristics associated with steroids are related to either over or underproduction of estrogen in the body. Hyper-androgenic men can easily maintain mental stability, even on a super-physiological doses, as long as the variable of estrogen is under control and they maintain a self-awareness.

Feel Well, Perform Well – If you (deservingly) feel a general sense well being about yourself, this will show in your performance. The reverse of this is true as well, if you feel like shit, you will in turn become shit, so pick an oral and injectable that puts a smile on your face. Anything it takes to develop / find a temperance and equilibrium (Part of ‘roid rage’ avoidance.) Figure out when is too much is, then avoid passing this point.

Clean Up – Dress well, shave, haircut etc. Whatever it is that makes you happy, even at the gym; muscles are sexy, and this type of exposure is a form of therapy and self-esteem development. Also, bodybuilding is a political game, unless you’re the next Phil Heath, being an ‘unknown’ is not going to help your performance. If there’s a local gym where you know some judges frequent, it doesn’t hurt to make an appearance every now and then…

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” – Deion Sanders

Relationships – The requirement of stability increases the value of a faithful, possibly monogamous, and or at least honest relationship. When in a positive relationship it can be powerful if not the most powerful tool in a bodybuilder’s arsenal. Once the role and potential value of positive relationships are fully appreciated, the actions required to maintain and grow this partnership must be taken as well. ‘Happy wife, happy life’

Sexual Intelligence – One of the myriads of effects hormonal supplementation can cause is spikes in both aggression as well as romance. Learn to recognize these waves and ride them to your advantage rather than swim against the current. With the drive testosterone often creates, it’s easy to over self-prioritize in this facet of life, but the mistake is also easy to avoid. Diminish the strength of butt pile-driving; instead, focus on oral sex, foreplay, etc. Ensure she orgasms as often as possible, due to her combination of mental and physical state.

Be Fun – No girlfriend wants a guy that only sleeps, eats, shits, and goes to the gym but doesn’t do anything else. Mix things up at least twice a week, and take time to focus on your relationship as you do the gym and both will advance you to your larger goals. Don’t let outside stigmas impact your personal relationship or limit its boundaries, and know that letting go of trauma has a positive impact on aesthetic, from the inside out, so don’t let others foolish stigmas stand in the way of your happiness. Contest prep is rarely a positive thing for a couple, so even if it went smoothly, once it’s wrapped up, travel, or do something to take time and change the pace from traditional mentality of ‘me, me, me’ often required for success in our sport

Continue to Develop – Phycological development and awareness improves all areas of life. Continue to further understand the world around you, and the body you have as an avatar in it. Self-appreciation and value isn’t a negative thing when it is earned, so develop a purpose of living that you can confidently represent and work towards.

Hire a Trainer – Every so often we need to shake things up, especially at the gym. Without even realizing it we can you develop patterns in our training, which don’t ‘shock’ the body, in the same way proper variations can. You don’t need to see them as often as traditional personal training client, but a quality trainer can provide an educated and outside perspective, that will break up any monotony that’s impacted your training.

‘How you do anything is how you do everything’ – In both the sport of bodybuilding and life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you are. Bodybuilding is a reflection of yourself and everything off the stage that happened to get you to the point you are competing on it. 

Everything you do in life you will feel the reverberations from in all aspects, be it positive or negative. By taking the early and essential actions necessary for long-term ‘success’, however you choose to define the term, you are establishing a base to build the castle that is your physique. More importantly than just the benefits to your physique, a positive life outside of bodybuilding, in general is developed, that is then reflected on the stage.

Benoit Lapierre a.k.a. BLP

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