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Three Public Kai Greene Scandals

Three Public Kai Greene Scandals

Grapefruits / Guest Posing / Stomach Issues in Prague

By now, the sexual exploits of Kai Greene, involving a grapefruit is general knowledge to even the casual bodybuilding fan, but this wasn’t his only produce video; however, there’s a lesser known video involving a watermelon, shot for the schmo site, Muscle Hunks. In the scene, Kai can be seen violating the watermelon on a stool. Though we can’t show actual footage, you can assume it went a little something like this-

In his past, Kai has done work for the notorious Jimmy Z (who has since passed) and his east coast production company. These productions are famous for their striptease shows, catering to gay audiences as well as videos of events for sale online. However, Kai is not unique in being an upcoming bodybuilder working for these productions, as many have. Of Kai’s many questionable appearances, one of particular note is the ‘towel incident’ during an appearance at one of Jimmy’s events.

In this clip, Kai’s dancing in a thong of sorts, then places, his barely covered genitals (if at all) in the face of a man, drawing the man towards him with a towel. What happened under that towel, is anyone’s guess. Side note; I hate to go six full pages to find a picture for this video of the site’s lobby, that didn’t have someone I know featured… Y’all nasty. I don’t care, but that just goes to show how common the practice is.

Here’s Kai as a lion at one of Jimmy’s events, and here he is again as a lion at a guest posing.

Kai may not even regret these decisions as they served as a means to an end, getting him to this point now, and you can’t say they limited his career. However, if there’s one event Kai would like to redo under different circumstance, it would have to be 2014, the EVLS Prague Pro. It was his abrupt exit from this show that would damage his political momentum, leading into the 2015 Olympia debacle.

Just weeks after getting 2nd to Phil at the Olympia and returning to Prague the reigning champion, Kai was a heavy favorite at EVLS contest. Dennis Wolf, however, had other plans. From the Jump, based on the placing and movement of athletes by the judges on stage, Kai looked like he was getting 2nd.
In 2014 Dennis had a phenomenal start of the year, winning the Arnold Classic, but had recently finished behind Kai as well as Rhoden at the Olympia. Wolf brought to Prague one of his best showings to date, at 95% his potential, while Kai was about 90%; very impressive, but not what we’d seen from Kai the year prior. Had he brought that 2013 package again, it would have been lights out for Kai, but he left the door open for the judges, who looked to be giving Dennis the edge. If Kai lost this event, it would significantly hurt his stock as a professional, though maybe not in the eyes of his fans. Rather than taking the L, Kai chose to exit the competition, citing sudden stomach issues, something many in the industry felt was an excuse for a disappointing showing.

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