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Jenaya Hofer, North American Contender

Jenaya Hofer, North American Contender

The term freak has become more watered down than casino-floor vodka over the years; thanks in large part to a lack of creativity in bodybuilding media, that has made it a habit of handing out one of the sport’s former badges honor like Halloween candy to every Bantamweight and Bikini competitor that knocks on the door. But, every so often a competitor captures our attention with the type of Blood & Guts, puhs all the chips to the center of the table, abd  put the women and children to bed because it’s about to get ugly attitude that reminds us of a time when true Freaks roamed the stage. If there’s any competitor that’s truly worthy of taking carrying the Freak torch at this upcoming North American Championships, it’s twenty-four year old Women’s Physique sensation, and 5% Nutrition athlete, Jenaya Hofer.

Jenaya Hofer_PhysiqueHaving already brought what was without question the best package of her career to the Arnold Amateur earlier this year, Hofer has retooled, reloaded, and is ready to unleash Jenaya 3.0 less than two weeks from now on the stage. When asked about her Arnold Amateur experience, and what new changes we can expect to see from her on the North American stage, Hofer told us:

“After getting on the Arnold stage for the first time as a National level competitor I had NO idea what to expect going into that show. That being said, throughout that prep I was a bit unsure of things, and to be completely honest, my heart wasn’t fully into it. But getting into the first callout in a deep class of twenty-eight very talented ladies is when I knew I was exactly where I belonged, and that both myself and my coach Darren Mehling realized what we were capable of.

Jenaya Hofer_Before-AfterI got feedback from as many people as I could on my physique, and the general consensus was that I needed to bring up my arms, and my upper body to help balance out my dominant lower half. Needless to say we got right to work, and since March I have left NOTHING to dwell on. I have given every day of this prep everything I have. The changes I needed to make have been made, and I’m very confident going into this show I will bring my absolute best physique to date, along with the conditioning I am known for. I believe that will be enough to be a serious threat on that stage in Pittsburgh. I have never been so excited to do a show before. I feel ready. This is my time.”

With the rare combination of talent and ethic, however she decides to define it, ‘success’ seems imminent for this young and rapidly developing talent. Be sure to keep an eye out of Jenaya at the 2015, IFBB North Americans.

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