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Interview w/ Jerry Ward aka Bios3Training

Interview w/ Jerry Ward aka Bios3Training

As far as the online fitness community goes the name, Jerry Ward is pretty prevalent. I know you have spent much of your life competing. Previously as a bodybuilder and now as a physique competitor. However, I want to go back a little bit before you became an online fitness sensation.

Tell the readers, what initially inspired you to create the Bios3Training YouTube channel and what aspirations you had for it in the beginning?

Well, I started a blog, and the channel was made to put videos on the blog because I can’t write for shit. I can talk well, so I wanted to put videos on there and training videos, so I made the channel.

Bios3Training is one of the top YouTube fitness channels in the world. Obviously, it’s not always easy to gain subscribers and garner views the way you have. Go into detail a little about some of the struggles you have had with building the channel to this magnitude.

There has been no struggle. It’s a constant even climb subscriber wise since the beginning. I never tried to get it to grow. I just had fun making videos and meeting and collaborating with other channels. It just took on a life of its own after about 2012.

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One of the things I respect most about what you have done with the channel is using honesty to educate many of the young people of the dangers that can come along with the fitness world. However, there have been many other people that have criticized you by saying you are only adding to the problem by giving out information the way you do. What would you say to these people?

When you open yourself up, you wind up being a target. Many people see what I’ve been through and still came out on top; that pisses them off. Because they have no excuses then on why they can’t do the same thing. Sometimes, it pisses me off; then I look at who is saying it and how much they fail with the amounts of negativity they spew, so I just look the other way. No man can disturb another man’s inner peace. It has to come from within. I think the Dali Lama said that. I try and remember that when people talk shit.

Many people watched as you transitioned from competing in the bodybuilding world to the physique division. What do you feel is the difference in the two categories and how different would you say the preparations for the two divisions are?

Well, it all depends on where you start. If you need to gain mass for physique, then it is the same as bodybuilding. However, coming from the background of bodybuilding I need to KEEP MUSCLE OFF my frame. So for myself, it’s eating less and training not as heavy. It varies from case to case.

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With such a popular YouTube channel give us an idea of what it’s been like to interview some of the top bodybuilders in the world for your channel and get exclusive content. You seemed to have developed great relationships within the industry, and many of the top competitors support what you do.

Yeah, the thing is I know them for just being me. They see the videos and agree with a lot of what I say, and they also respect me for speaking my mind and being upfront and honest. Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Shawn Ray, and Kevin Levrone are all good personal friends of mine. Jay I’ve known since about 1996.

After leaving 5 Percent Nutrition, you ended up going over to Primeval Labs. How did the new situation with Primeval Labs come about?

It was a move that was good for me to make. It was a new company with amazing products, and they wanted to give me a chance to make my own. When I told Rich Piana about it, he gave me his blessing. I talk to Rich from time to time about random shit and always stop by his booth at the expos to visit and say what’s up. Rich is a legit good guy, and ill be a 5%er for life, and I am proud to have been one of the originals.

You recently dropped a new supplement from your line with Primeval Labs called, Intracell 7. Tell us a little bit about the product and how the idea came about for the formulation.

I make supplements I want to use that nobody makes. I wanted something to help recover faster during and after training. Something that super hydrates the cell. A product that didn’t spike insulin and I could use while on a keto diet too. This is how Intracell7 was born.


It’s been great talking with you Jerry. We appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us and answer some of our questions about you and your thoughts about the fitness industry.

Before we go, is there anyone you want to thank or anything you want to plug such as your social media accounts where people can follow you?

I want to thank all the Bios3 Battalion for all the support over the last few years; they are awesome and always give me a nice boost in day to day life. My fiancee Erin who pushes me to be a better person daily, Primeval for the chance to bring some new and innovating things to the market, my friends and family who always told me to do what makes me happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Well, I’m doing it!

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