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Attempted Innovation a Cause of Stagnation?

Attempted Innovation a Cause of Stagnation?

I’m always conscious of the changes in the bodybuilding, fitness and training industries. Whether they are progressive, a reinvented idea, or just someone trying to look new and innovative. Where am I going with this? It’s my experience that building a quality physique is accomplished through basic principles. Strength training over a prolonged period, consistent cardio, and most importantly dedication to proper nutrition day in and out.

I grew up watching the ‘greats’ of the ‘golden era’ of 90’s bodybuilding. I hear nauseating conversations about how the physiques then where far, and away better than those of today. What’s the difference? It’s my opinion that today’s society is all about making everybody feel a part of something, dumbing it down, and making things easier for the less inclined – whether that is mentally or physically, which makes the desire to achieve excellence and mastery less prevalent.

People, competitors, and trainers are no longer training for the love of training, or for the bettering of one’s self. They seem to be doing it for recognition, popularity, and monetary gain – everything but the love of training. I mean why else would these people, competitors, and trainers be so concerned with selfies, obsessive hourly updates of their progress showing off ever so slight changes in their physiques, or trying to create the newest, most awesome training, and nutrition methods? The answer is they wouldn’t. Instead, they would simply be using tried true results implementing tools that have been around for decades.

Put the smartphone down; disconnect from your social BS, stop checking statuses between sets and focus on training. The basic tools are what built the champions of the past, those same champions that continue to be hailed in almost legendary regard. They worked their asses off, and their bodies showed it everywhere they went. A great trainer or competitor should strive to become a master of the craft of neuromuscular connection (i.e. mind muscle connection, and contraction.) Proper execution of strict form of all movements used during their training. As a trainer, this is what will make you great, what sets you apart from the fewer than.

I believe one of the fastest ways to a trainer’s demise and loss of credibility is to compromise on their adherence to what I above-mentioned. It is society’s belief that the newest thing is always better. As a trainer, I steer clear of this mentality. History and my experience continue to prove that the fads are just that, here today gone tomorrow.

Bryan Barth

-By Bryan Barth

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