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IFBB North Americans: Mike Pence

IFBB North Americans: Mike Pence

NPC Bodybuilder Mike Pence is an exception, especially in today’s world of bodybuilding – one that’s dominated by self-anointed gurus, leading what seems an entire generation of athletes seeking shortcuts, usually with the use (and abuse) of chemicals.  While many have made a collective effort to consciously ignore a key ingredient to the recipe of success in the sport of bodybuilding, Mike has chosen to embrace it with open arms: Good ole’ fashioned hard work.

After taking the early part of the contest season off to put everything he has behind his run to North American’s, Mike is now little over a week from the IFBB Amateur North American Championships; where the former New York Metropolitan Championships Heavyweight and Overall winner, will be looking to add to his bodybuilding resume as he steps onto his first national-level stage.

In the picture on the right, Mike is ~12 day out from the contest. When asked for statement going into the show, Mike said the following:

Mike Pence_2015_IFBB North Americans“My coach, IFBB pro Dan Hawtin and I had a great off season this past year and put on some great quality muscle. I worked extremely hard for this upcoming national show and honored to take the stage with some of the best in the industry. I will be coming in at the top end of the weight-class once I dry out, and feel good about my conditioning, symmetry, proportion and size for this show. I really focused on bringing up my weak points and hope to make some noise in Pittsburgh.

I just want to shout out to my coach IFBB pro Dan Hawtin, Sean Howard, Robbie Rowe and Gary Benenski for their support and push to always want to make me be the best and to my beautiful wife for stepping up and training with me when my boys couldn’t make it and helping me through this entire prep! Really meant a lot to me. This one’s for you guys!”

In the iron game everything is earned, and nothing is given. Which is exactly why the type of old school, blue collar approach Pence brings to the game is a breath of fresh air, in an environment that’s been polluted by athletes crowding the road in search of Easy Street. The work has been done, weeks of dieting and cardio coming to an end, not to mention the years of training / development prior to that; if Mike ‘the Freak From PA’ Pence is able to break the Top-5, or possibly even win his class, it would be a major shift back towards some of the elements that were once commonplace in the sport of bodybuilding.


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