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Interview with HKFBF President, Hugo Chan.

Interview with HKFBF President, Hugo Chan.

“After attending the successful World Men’s Bodybuilding Championships and Annual Congress in Benidorm, the President of the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Federation (HKFBF), Mr. Hugo Chan used his travel to Spain to stay a few days in Madrid and visit the IFBB headquarters.

IFBB President Santonja and HKFBF President Mr. Chan discussed important projects for the next year and obviously, about the preparations for the upcoming Olympia Amateur Asia, that will take place in Hong Kong on November 22nd – 25th.

The HKFBF, under the leadership of Mr. Chang is a great support to all IFBB activities, specially with those that take place in Asian countries.” – IFBB

hugo-chan-ifbb_Hong Kong_Rafael Santonja

For Footage from the Olympia Amateur Asia: Click Here


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