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Giant Sets for Giant Gains

Giant Sets for Giant Gains

When you walk into any gym across the world you will see many people training in just as many different ways, with the common goal of adding muscularity and decreasing body-fat. Over the years there have been staples in bodybuilding training. You have your basic fundamentals of creating hypertrophy within the muscle; classic sets and reps for each body part, positive and negative motions of controlling the weight, super sets, and even tri-sets. However, what I personally don’t see many people in the gym doing is giant sets. So what is a giant set? A giant set can be performed in many different ways but for this article we are going to stick to the basic concept of giant sets and that is picking 4 different exercises for a particular body part in which you move from exercise to exercise with no rest, creating maximum hypertrophy in the muscle.


There are many benefits to using this type of training technique. Since weight training has a primary effect on the metabolic system in one’s body, giant sets not only create sensational hypertrophy within the muscle, yielding you with extreme damage (int he best sense possible) to the muscle fibers, but this type of training also creates a maximum pump and the minimal rest between exercises primes the body to be in a position for optimal fat burning. Traditional training normally has a gym goer taking much more rests between sets which in return does not provide the fat burning properties that you would gain by implementing giant sets into your routine. Giant sets also provide a type of circuit training feel as you workout. The minimal rest and constant time under tension will help you burn more calories and give you an aerobic feel of doing cardiovascular activity, setting you up for decreased body fat levels while adding slabs of muscle to your frame.

Giant sets are just one of the many ways to train. I do not recommend doing giant sets every time you hit the gym but rotating it in your training regimen will help you shock the muscle, providing a break from the monotonous “sets and reps” that you’re accustomed to. Use giant sets to your advantage, as they give variety to your training and help break any plateaus you may be experiencing. Below I have listed what a typical giant set may look like.

BICEPS (4 Sets Exercises Are To Be Performed With No Rest In Between)

Straight Bar Bicep Curls- 12-15 Reps

Cable Rope Hammer Curls- 12-15 Reps

Alternating Dumbbell Curls- 12-15 Reps

Cambered Bar Reverse Curls- 12-15 Reps


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