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Ferrigno Legacy – Recap

Ferrigno Legacy – Recap

2015 Ferrigno Legacy

  • Joshua Lenatowicz (1st) – One month ago if you would’ve told me that someone named Josh Lenatowicz was going to finish the season with two wins at big shows, knocking off the likes of a red hot William Bonac in the process I would’ve said that you were crazy. But after shocking the world with a huge win over a stacked lineup at the San Marino Pro, and following that up with an equally impressive encore performance at the Ferrigno, it looks like Josh Lenatowicz might be a new star in the making.


  • Ronny Rockel (2nd) – Last year Rockel won this same event, if it weren’t for Joshua Lenatowicz he likely would’ve easily retained his title – but that doesn’t mean the weekend wasn’t a success for The Rock. With his runner-up finish here, Rockel is going to close out 2015 with four top ten finishes; major feather in his cap considering that just a few years ago rumors of his career demise were beginning to swirl as he dealt with complications from diabetes.


  • Rafael Jaramillo (3rd) – One of the big winners of the weekend and 2015, bringing arguably the best look we’ve seen from him in his pro career. The 2013 NPC Heavyweight USAs Champion has finished in the top ten at all three events he’s entered this season, finishing higher at each consecutive contest.


  • Manuel Lomeli (4th) – This was Lomeli’s first show of the season, and quite possibly the best package that he’s ever brought. From the front Lomeli’s feathered quads and sharp conditioning were right on par with Rockel’s, and from the back he was equally impressive.

Manuel Lomeli_2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy

  • Brandon Ray (5th) – Where has Brandon Ray been hiding for the last few years? We hadn’t seen Ray on a bodybuilding stage since early 2013 when he took 7th at the New York Pro; so it was nice to see him back in action. Although he wasn’t quite as sharp as he could’ve been, he didn’t look bad for having two plus years of rust to knock off and still brought a respectable level of condition none the less. Once upon a time, Ray was a promising talent, and this may be the first step toward getting his career back on that track.
  • Frank McGrath – Similar to Ray, although the circumstances weren’t quite the same. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Frank McGrath hit the stage. McGrath looked great here, his conditioning (as many expected) second to none. Frank lacks a roundness that many of his peers bring to the stage. However, he has enough going for him to put himself in contention for his first time five finish since 2013.

Frank McGrath_ferrigno-legacy_2015

  • Bola Ojex – Similar to what we saw from him earlier this year at the Phoenix Pro, Bola Ojex brought in a very solid overall package. The 212 was able to hold his own in the first callout of an open IFBB event, a feat in itself. Bringing both fullness and condition, Bola did more than enough to justify his top ten placing.


  • Lionel Brown – The L-Train showed up and showed out for his only appearance of the year. Last year Brown was on stage looking eight weeks out, and his placings suffered accordingly. This could have been just what the doctor ordered to light a new fire under him, as this was the best Lionel Brown we’ve seen in quite some time.
  • Pedro Barron – The ‘Pitbull’ held his own with the likes of Frank McGrath and Josh Lenatowicz regarding his conditioning, but issues with his color and lack of posing oil detracted from what was overall a very impressive look from Barron. He was clearly bigger here than he was at last year’s event if all his I’s were dotted and T’s crossed, probably would’ve placed even higher.
  • Frank Roberson – By in large this was a very good showing for Roberson. What he lacked in sharp conditioning he made up for with his shape and presentation, which certainly played a large part in helping him notch the first top ten finish of his pro career. Despite the fact that his ship has sailed north of forty, Roberson still looks like he has some tread left on the tires, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him pop up at a similar event next year.

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