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Corey Young – A bodybuilding writer, researcher, and author. He has written and published over one hundred articles on bodybuilding, training, nutrition, and supplementation that have been featured numerous media outlets. He has worked directly with industry leading experts, top level NPC amateur competitors, IFBB Pro’s, and several Olympia competitors. He can be contacted via email at: corey@bodybuilding.newsCorey Young_Bodybuilding News

Daniel Church – Originally from the edge of the empire in the heart of interior Alaska, now residing in the water-depraved Central Valley California Danny Manslaughter has been delivering entertaining musings and insights since early 2007. A breath of fresh air in an industry plagued by the same, stale chicken and rice videos and Weider principles that have relegated an entire industry to remain stagnant since the 1960’s. With his unique brand of writing and multi-media videos he has become the spokesperson for the burgeoning ‘Alternative-Fitness’ movement, an endeavor striving to capture more than the typical bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast. With out-of-the-box ideas, punk rock flair and vivid imagery he has emerged as the most innovative, yet dynamic writer of the Bodybuilding Industry. The reading of Danny Manslaughter article as an experience in itself, leaving the reader bewildered of what to expect. This is an ‘alternative’, yet it is also the future. Danny, a hulking behemoth of himself is a writer with the potential to capture millions outside of the mainstream bodybuilding market, bringing fresh blood to a dying industry.

Danny Manslaughter_Bodybuilding

Merton Woolard – A member of the National Physique Committee and competes in the Men’s Physique Division. Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina Merton has been competing for just over two years now. Though he is in incredible shape and has an amazing physique, it was being out of shape and having a slow metabolism that made him make the decision that has got him to where he is now. That decision was turning his bad habits into good habits. At first it started off as simply trying to lose a little bit of weight and improve his overall health. Then he started going to body building competitions with his trainer Cory Lansaw. Attending those competitions gave him a whole new outlook on fitness. Merton then vowed that he was going to do everything it took to step on stage and compete. After following grueling training regiments and months of hard work and dedication in both the gym as well as dieting, Merton was ready to step on stage and compete. In his first ever competition he took 1st place in the Men’s Physique Division Class A, and 2nd overall in the NPC Quincy Roberts Sponsored Show “Muscle Heat”. A few months later Merton also competed in the NPC Main Stage Muscle Sponsored Contest “The Mid Atlantic Classic” in Charlotte, NC where he took 6th in a class that was stacked from top to bottom. After those competitions Merton would then take a offseaon to make improvements in his physique leading to his latest contests this year in August of 2015 Merton Competed and took first place in his class and second place overall with a much improved package at the 2015 Quincy Roberts NPC “Muscle Heat” Bodybuilding Championships. Merton Woolard looks to show people that attaining a great physique is possible as long as you have the mindset of a champion. Nothing worth having comes easy but as long as you give it your all anyone can achieve the dreams they have set forth to attain

Merton Woolard_MPD_Mens Physique

Ryan Pietras / Pietras Creative – A cutting edge website design and hosting company established in 2012. We create high quality websites that work and without any defects. Each and every website that we build we fully support from day one and beyond. This company was created because I saw a need for outstanding five star website services for everyone with the best rates in the industry. We build all websites on the WordPress Platform. WordPress is the most widely used platform on the planet and it has endless possibilities on what you can create with it.


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