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Cody Montgomery Enters the Arnold

Cody Montgomery Enters the Arnold

To say bodybuilder Cody Montgomery’s career has been off to a good start would be an understatement. The three-time Teen-National and 2015 NPC USA champion has officially thrown his hat into the mix for the 2016 Arnold Classic, in Columbus Ohio. Cody Montgomery will be making his IFBB Professional rookie debut at the Arnold Classic, with some of the greatest in the sport. The contest will be a great test for the phenom, with many short and long-term implications for both Cody and the future of the sport.

If there’s something Cody knows, it’s winning. Cody started his string of national wins at the age of 17, winning not one, not two, but three Teen National Champion titles plus a collegiate national title as well seemingly for giggles. At his first Teen Nationals, Cody beat future fellow IFBB Pro, Dominick Cardone; a showing that may go down historically as this decades Branch vs. Jay, who completed at the same event in 1993Cardone-montgomery-2012-NPC-Teen-Nationals-Keeping the momentum rolling, Montgomery entered the 2015 NPC USAs, winning the overall title at just 20 years of age; only a year apart from his win at teen nationals, an accomplishment previously unachieved by any other NPC athlete. Many question his age and lack of professional experience, but few doubt Cody’s potential for this contest. The Arnold invite is an extreme vote of confidence, due to the contests infamously strict selection process.

Cody Montgomery_2015_arnold

The Arnold presents a unique opportunity for Cody, as the risk of not placing good/reward are high but the stakes seemingly low. Eleven of the thirteen competitors has won IFBB professional events. The only exception being the two rookies, Montgomery as well as Lukas Wyler, the Arnold Amateur winner (that automatically qualifies.) In a contest with such a deep lineup, it will answer many questions as to where he currently stands. Worst case, Cody comes in last place, which is still respectable in a contest of this depth, but this seems unlikely. If he brings his trademark condition with added mass and aesthetics, it’s likely Cody will upset a few former champions.


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