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Classic Physique Division – Why It’s A Good Thing

Classic Physique Division – Why It’s A Good Thing

The Classic Physique Division is something that has been long discussed amongst competitors, media analysts, and judges within the NPC and IFBB Professional League. With the surge of Men’s Physique competitors, as well as the seemingly declining field of Bodybuilders at regional / national level shows, the discussion of a new division has been on the horizon for some time. Many of the competitors in the Physique division have noted that they did not want to be as ‘big’ as the requirements would have them to become a Professional Bodybuilder; while some of the Bodybuilders in the smaller weight classes who obtain pro status, have an uphill battle in regards to becoming competitive at the professional level because there are only two divisions. There lies the void for a long-line of individuals, that the new Classic Physique division is looking to fill.

The Classic Physique Division takes the streamlined look with the small waist and taper of a Men’s Physique competitor, merges it with it with bodybuilding. You don’t have to be too big but you can’t be too small either. The best part and deviance from MPD? They are making you show your legs! For many of the Men’s Physique competitors, there are just as many that train legs as don’t, and for those that do, this is the perfect division for them. We have seen many top-level physique athletes such as Sadik Hadzovic and Jason Poston, hitting tons of mandatory bodybuilding poses in photos that they post on their Instagram. Recently Hadzovic even trained with the former three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane who is noted as having one of the most classic builds of all time.

Sadik Hadzovic_Frank Zane

What the new Classic Physique Division does for the sport as well as industry is perfect. It downsizes the number of competitors in the Men’s Physique division, takes Bodybuilders who can’t gain the size of the mass monsters, and the physique athletes who have legs and combines it all in one division with mandatory bodybuilding poses. The only difference being instead of board shorts or posing trunks the athletes will wear more of a Mixed Martial Arts style of trunks while on stage. These trunks allow a competitor to show their legs but not their glutes as the bodybuilders do.

With the new buzz about the division only time will tell about the exact standards that will be set for. In the upcoming year we will new a new array of athletes handed their IFBB Pro Card for the new division alongside a first time ever Classic Physique Division Mr. Olympia. The first Classic Physique division competitions will take place starting next year so be on the lookout for all of the information and contest coverage right here on

My name is Merton Woolard. Follow me on my journey to obtain my IFBB Pro Card through all my social media outlets.

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