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3 Things: Arm Tips, w/ IFBB Pro Charles Griffen

3 Things: Arm Tips, w/ IFBB Pro Charles Griffen

Charles Griffen

The standout elements of an athlete’s physique onstage that captivate the attention of most bodybuilding fans are very rarely the same things that the average gym goer finds appealing. When it comes to arm development, there are plenty of so-called experts out there spouting their opinion, many of whom seriously lacking the physique or the credentials to back these statements up.

New IFBB Pro Charles Griffen, an athlete whose physique some have called reminiscent of a young Phil Heath, joins the pro ranks with some of the best arms in the game. As a highly sought-after coach/trainer, Charles has not only developed a pro worthy physique himself but helped dozens of athletes in their transforms as well.

Check out Charles’ top three tips for arm training that’ll help you transform your .22 caliber guns into powerful looking 24” cannons:

When you’re training arms, it’s all about feel, not slinging heavy weight around. You need to develop the mind to muscle connection, feeling the exercise; squeezing at the end of the movement to get more blood flow through the biceps or triceps. I try to picture the blood flow filling the muscle with each squeeze until I’ve got a skin-splitting pump.

• When training arms, I like to slow down the tempo/pace of the workout. This alteration increases time under tension, circling back to my first tip, focus on squeezing the muscle during each rep. Training your arms at a fast pace is a waste of movement in my opinion. Slow down the tempo get more out of your workout!

• The triceps are the larger of the two upper arm muscles, making up about two-thirds of your arm mass. When I’m training triceps, I make sure I’m hitting the muscle from all different angles; focusing on hitting all three heads. Hence, I tend to incorporate more sets for my triceps than I do for the smaller biceps. Too many people focus on completely crushing their biceps but then skimp out on their triceps work. If you want fully developed arms, showing the triceps plenty of love is an absolutely must!

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