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Bryan Barth, North Americans – UPDATE

Bryan Barth, North Americans – UPDATE

Once upon a time immigrants from across the globe flocked to the shores of North America and flooded the gates of Ellis Island, New York in search of a land of opportunity, a new life, and a chance to see their hopes and dreams come to fruition. Although the post-modern Sheraton Hotel is a far cry from the historic grounds of Ellis Island, in just over a week we’re going to see competitors from across the globe flock in mass to the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA where they’ll transform the stage into their land of opportunity, all with the hope of seeing their dreams manifest in the form of an IFBB Pro card.

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This year one of the competitors that will be making the pilgrimage to bodybuilding’s version of Ellis Island will be longtime National fixture, and Light-Heavyweight contender Bryan Barth. After years of knocking on the door at the top of the amateur scene, Barth is approaching this year’s show with a new approach, and a revitalized focus. Barth had the following statement for Bodybuilding.News about the contest and events leading up to it:

Bryan Darth_North Americans_12 Days OutLast year for Nationals 2014. I took it upon myself to do my own contest prep. Throughout my competitive career I’ve had the honor to work with some of the best prep coaches out there. Thinking I’ve learned enough, and took a stab at it.  Needless to say I got a little overzealous towards the end that final week before Nationals. I miss judged, and over calculated. I ultimately came in looking my worst to date.

I guess the Takeaway lesson is a cardiac surgeon wouldn’t pull his own heart out to do surgery.  So I took some time off and reevaluated my situation, decided that I needed a second set of eyes to help me get ready for the North Americans. But back in May I partially tore my left upper pack tendon, which knocked me back a good six week’s worth of chest and triceps training. I was not sure that I would be able to make a full recovery in time to be able to get ready to compete this year. But with the help, and support of good friends such as Dave Palumbo, George Farah, Tony Friedrich, Brian Hoydic, Rick Canamar and others who were quick to check up on my injury and help me regain my focus, all convinced me I could come back from it.

I decided to push and see if I could get through and prepare for North Americans. I asked longtime friend Kash Guidry to lend me a second set of eyes and his expertise to put a game plan together. We decided that maybe losing some of my mass wasn’t such a bad thing after all and that bringing my weight down, getting back into the light heavyweight class I could really stand out and not get out massed might be just the ticket.

The first time I did Junior Nationals in 2002 there were 56 competitors in the Light Heavyweight class. I ended up taking tenth place, but was extremely happy with how that package looked. There have been several coaches and people in the sport whose opinions I respect always told me to stay Light Heavyweight and perfect it. But being young and immaturely ambitious I wanted to be huge.

Throughout my career I’ve constantly had people ask me when prepping if I compete as a light heavy? I guess I should’ve taken that as a sign.

So what am I bringing two North Americans?

A more streamlined, harder, more conditioned, and competitive Light Heavyweight version of Bryan Barth.”

Bryan’s Instagram: Here / Facebook: Here

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