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Atlantic City Europa, Wrap Up (2015)

Atlantic City Europa, Wrap Up (2015)


Yes, you read that correctly, No, this isn’t 2011; IFBB professional bodybuilder Branch Warren was able to seal another win this weekend at the 2015 Atlantic City Europa. While some wines refine with age (ex. Dexter Jackson) others just get NASTY, and Branch Warren has intentionally chosen the latter. Defying seemingly all logic, Branch brought to Atlantic City one of the most complete, and monstrous physiques we have seen from him to date, that few if any predicted  at this stage of his career.

Cedric Mcmillan_Branch Warren_2015_europa_Atlantic

Nobody was expecting Branch to disappoint, but as an aging athlete and considering the damage he’s notoriously accumulated over the years (think horse-scene in Generation Iron,) expectations were not incredibly high either. None the less, Branch was capable of edging-out the always impressive Cedric McMillan. The two were comparable as apples and oranges; so opinions were varied widely, many felt after the pre-judging it would be Cedric to emerge on-top, with his formidable frame and musculature. However, by coming in his typical-condition, Cedric left the door open, and a hungry Branch Warren was eager to swoop-in on the opportunity.

Drew Jemmott_2015_Atlantic_Europa

Possibly the biggest surprise of the show, was Drew Jemmott.  Besides besting Zack Khan at their pro-debuts in 2013, narrowly missing the top-5 (landing in 6th;) little had been heard from Drew since his win at the 2012 IFBB North Americans, in the Master’s 40+ class. However, in his time away Jemmott clearly did his homework to ensure he would make a statement at the professional level; and did so this weekend, next to two of the best champions in the current era 0f bodybuilding.

Nicholas Trigili_Gay Porn_Atlantic City_Europa

The ‘Europeans’ were consistent as always. Both Robert Piotrkowicz and Stefan Havlik came looking very similar to the week prior (for our wrap up of  Texas Pro, click here.) Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the show, 2014 Mr. USA, Nicholas Trigili. Nick failed to break the top-5 at his IFBB debut; instead, he landed outside of the money in the 6th place slot. Typically this placing for a rookie at their debut-contest would not be bad, but it was abysmal compared to the standards Nick attempted to project of his physique and its potential leading up to the show.

With this, we conclude the regular 2015 IFBB Bodybuilding Season; only the Olympia left for athletes that are qualified.

IFBB 2015_Europa_Atlantic City_Score Card

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