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2015 IFBB Vancouver Pro – Wrap Up

2015 IFBB Vancouver Pro – Wrap Up

The Vancouver Pro was another competitive IFBB event as we head into the Olympia and final stretch of the 2015 competitive bodybuilding season.though The participation numbers were relatively low, but with competitors looking to get their last-minute qualification for the Olympia, both the open and 212 competitions in Vancouver brought quality champions,. Taking home the open-title was Canadian, Fouad Abiad. Abiad brought his best package to date in Vancouver, thanks in-part to guidance of John Meadows. Not only did Meadows (aka Mountain Dog) assist in Fouad’s win, but John himself placed 5th in the 212; if this weren’t enough, he was bested by his another client of his in the show, Shaun Clarida who took home the 212 title and left veteran competitor Darik Farnsworth in the 2nd place spot.

Already qualified for the Olympia, it seemed Jon DelaRosa was looking to cash an easy check heading into the bodybuilding super-bowl (where he will have a much harder time doing so.) Notably ‘off’ for the show, Jon was talented enough to solidify his runner-up spot behind champion Fouad Abiad. Jon was not talented enough on that night seal the win however, as Abiad was dialed-in and in a state that many would consider his all-time best; bringing an elusive combination of size, fullness, condition, & detail. Fouad did bring a similar package shortly thereafter to Tampa, but it was not as complete as Vancouver, and may have cost him potentially the win (though 2nd is respectable none-the-less.) Fellow Canadian nationals, Renaldo Gairy (3rd) and Paola Almeida (5th) would make it into the Top-5 in the home country; but Almeida wouldn’t be so fortunate in Tampa, where he fell to 11th place in the larger lineup.

Notable exceptions from the show were athletes Kevin Jordan and Brad Rowe, both of whom have been on a tear this season but faced last-minute travel issues with Canadian customs, which ultimately prevented them from mixing things up at the top of the lineup.

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