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The 2015 Post-Season Bodybuilding Awards

The 2015 Post-Season Bodybuilding Awards

Another fascinating contest season has officially come to a close and my what a year it has been. We’ve new champions crowned, old champions hold serve, future stars emerge, and one of the most exciting rookie classes in recent memory. Jose Raymond almost won an open show, Kai Greene didn’t compete in any show, and Dexter Jackson continued to bully Father Time out of his lunch money on his way to cleaning house on two different continents. But alas, the year has indeed come to an end. Before we bid it adieu, we decided to hand out a some post-season awards to a few people who made 2015 a year worth remembering. 

The Citizenfour Award – For the guy who managed to turn himself into a political refugee overnight.

Citizen Four_Snowden_Ed

Lee Thompson – Back before he became an international fugitive; when he was nothing more than a nameless, faceless employee working for a sinister government agency illegally collecting metadata from its electorate, Edward Snowden began leaking information to reporters under the anonymous moniker of Citzenfour. Since, Snowden’s exploits have made him one of the most infamous men on the planet and turned him into perhaps the country’s most famous refugee. While no one is going to go as far as calling Lee Thompson’s defection from the NPC/IFBB a courageous act of political activism, his exploits did essentially turn him into a man without a country. His announcement spurred a coordinated groundswell of both NPC and IFBB support, unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory. If Thompson’s justifications were warranted, or his new endeavor has any chance of success is a matter for debate well beyond the scope of this article. However, there’s one thing I’m certain of – Lee Thompson’s invite to the annual NPC/IFBB ‘ugly sweater’ Christmas party will be getting lost in the mail this year.

The Marty McFly Award – For the blast from the past who might as well have stepped out of a DeLorean.

Alexander Federov_2015

Alexander Federov – If I didn’t know any better I would’ve sworn I was trapped in a weird space-time vortex that sucked me back into a parallel 2005 universe when Alexander Federov was all the buzz in the industry. Once upon a time, Federov was billed as the next big thing – the mysterious Russian giant that was a product of some wild Cold War muscle mutation experiment went wrong, expected to unseat King Ronnie at the peak of his powers. After a disastrous Olympia appearance in 2006, Federov disappeared just as quickly as he came, fading away into bodybuilding obscurity for almost a decade. But in 2015 he once again hit his stride, looking bigger, fuller, and nastier than we’d ever seen him before, without any real notice or explanation for where he’s been, or what exactly he’s been up to for the last ten years. His star may have lost some of its luster, but the fact that he’s even competing today when most of his former contemporaries have either retired or fallen by the wayside is a tremendous achievement in and of itself.

The King James Award – For the rookie sensation who somehow managed to live up to all of the hype.

LeBron James_Chosen 1

Dallas McCarver – It seems hard to believe, but it’s already been more than thirteen years since a then seventeen-year-old LeBron James graced his first Sports Illustrated cover, under the auspicious headline of The Chosen One. Despite the massive hype and the proclamations by many that the alleged savior of post-Jordan era basketball would never materialize into a legitimate NBA superstar, King James went on to prove his detractors wrong and show the world that he was more than capable handling the weight of the massive expectations on his (large) shoulders. No rookie came into this season with higher expectations than twenty-four-year-old Dallas McCarver, who looks to have taken a page out of the Book of King James, quieting his haters while simultaneously raising his ceiling of achievement. As he prepared for his amateur win at North Americans, McCarver had the benefit of being an unknown commodity, allowing him to the luxury of being the underdog. With new expectations for his professional debut, many were not sure if Dallas could rise to the occasion, but he did so in spectacular fashion, winning his professional debut. Similar to the ‘Chosen 1,’ we are possibly watching Dallas McCarver carving his own path to greatness in our sport.

The Eli Manning Award – For the athlete who won’t ever be able to escape his big brother’s shadow.


Quincy Winklar – Don’t let Eli Manning’s three pro bowl selections and two Super Bowl victories fool you, when it comes to bragging rights about who wears the championship belt in the Manning passing family, big brother Peyton casts a colossal future Hall-of-Fame sized shadow over Eli’s dissonant career. Unfortunately for Quincy Winklar, his career, or lack thereof, appears destined to spend the rest of its days struggling to find some sunlight underneath the immense shade cast by his monstrous big brother, Roelly. Much to his credit, Quincy has steadily improved since he made his way to the IFBB, turning himself into what some would call a serviceable pro. But just like Eli’s discovered over the last twelve years, sometimes it doesn’t quite matter what sort of filler is used to stuff the lines of your resume, you’ll never be able to shake your little brother label.

The Men in Black Award – For the athlete who serves as proof that aliens exist among us.

Michael Lockett_2015

Michael Lockett – Has there been a more fascinating character in bodybuilding over the past two years than Michael Lockett? Stemming back to his magical reappearance back at the 2013 North American Championships where he showed up after a six-year absence from the stage to take 2nd in the Super Heavyweight class, Lockett has been shrouded in one unbelievable storyline after another over the past two seasons. When we put all of the pieces together – the alleged two-week contest diets, his insane year round conditioning, and his most recent offseason, where he allegedly added over twenty pounds of solid muscle seemingly without any extra body fat – it becomes obvious that Michael Lockett is not of this world.

The Daniel Day-Lewis Award – For the athlete who delivered the year’s most Oscar worthy performance.

Kai Greene_Crying_2015

Kai Greene – In the pantheon of badass actors who have graced the silver screen, three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis is in a category all by himself. Not only is Lewis one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood history, but his performances have also become the stuff of legend. Thankfully for bodybuilding fans who aren’t avid devotee’s to the theater world, they got to witness what may have been the most Oscar worthy performance we’ve ever seen, when Kai Greene released his now infamous two a.m. tearful video. Kai released the video following the announcement that he would not be allowed to compete in this year’s Olympia. Like most other Oscar worthy films, his speech wasn’t short of sound, lighting, or production quality for something that supposed to capture raw emotion in the heat of a (likely choreographed) moment. But as they say in Hollywood, “All’s well that ends well.” Now that Kai’s managed to overcome his sadness and focus his efforts on the upcoming Arnold Classic, he’ll have a chance to earn himself a new piece of hardware to go right alongside that Academy Award.

The Weekend At Bernie’s Award – For the thing we all keep pretending is alive and well (but really in our heart of hearts know that it’s nothing more than a walking corpse dressed up in sunglasses.)

Weekend At Bernies

Print Media – After all, there’s nothing that can brighten up your day like a fun loving corpse with sunglasses and Walkman now is there? Unfortunately for the lingering remnants of what used to be print media still staggering around with their sunglasses and Walkman on, the evolution of the way bodybuilding fans communicate and consume their muscle related news hasn’t just left them reeling on life support. It’s effectively turned them into dead men walking. But to whomever it may concern, if it’s any consolation, the 1993 sequel Weekend At Bernie’s II did breathe some new life into the franchise, even if it was brief. So maybe, just maybe, there will be a resurgent second act that’ll come along sometime down the line. Maybe… but probably not.


By Corey Young

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